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What is Bistro Table- Here’s what you should know

by Jesus

Before purchasing a bistro bar set, it’s important that you first understand what exactly a bistro set is. This will help you in making further decisions. Usually measured 24″ width, and 30″ high, a standard bistro table comes with double matching chairs. They can also be produced in many colors, materials, and designs.

Aside from using the wrought iron painted in black or white, a bistro table can also come in wood or rattan materials. They are often round, except in recent times when newer versions in square shapes are manufactured. This piece guides you on all you should know about bistro tables.

Uses of a Bistro Table

There are many places that a bistro table set can be used. But they are mostly used for commercial and residential purposes.

1. Residential Uses

When talking about residential uses of the bistro table, this mini patio furniture accent is commonly placed in look at placing them in your balconies, garden, poolside, and other strategic areas of the home. Not only are they used in outdoor spaces, but they can also fit in window books and sunrooms.

2. Commercial Uses

Bistro tables can serve a wide range of commercial purposes. Some of these include:

  • Ice cream shops
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Pubs, etc

Other facilities that feature an outdoor dining space are also included.

Types of Bistro Table

The following are the common types of Bistro tables that you should be on the lookout for.

1. Cast Aluminum

Cast Aluminum is arguably one of the most common options when considering a bistro set. This material is mainly used to produce tables sort floral patterns and lightweight chairs. They can also resist harmful weather.

2. Wooden Bistro Table

The main reason people fear going for the wooden bistro sets is because of their inability to adapt to the weather. However, this hasn’t made it to leave the market.

Most times, wood can rot when they are damp and may take a lot of time before it gets dry. This is why most people leaving in the UK wouldn’t go for it. But asides from that, it’s stylish and will perfectly fit into any type of garden.

3. Rattan Bistro Table

Rattan is the best material for making bistro sets. Because of its ability to withstand any condition, the rattan bistro set is a sought-after set by many restaurant and garden owners. Its weatherproof feature ensures that you don’t store it away and this makes it ideal for cafes and restaurants with permanent outdoor seating. Those with limited space or rooms to store their garden furniture can also use it.

The rattan bistro set comes in a wide variety of color schemes and may not need a lot of maintenance to revive the look of the set. That’s why it’s the best alternative if you are looking to save money as there won’t be a need to replace the set annually.

Final Thoughts

The practical nature of bistro sets ensures that it’s the perfect option for all types of garden sizes. Using it for your bar, restaurant, or cafe purposes is a great way to induce intimacy between your customers.

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