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What to Consider When Shopping for A Sound Recordable Button

by Jesus

A sound recording device can help you capture any sound that you want. Whether it is an important speech, a message for customers or a message you would like people to remember and tag it with your brand name.

You no longer have to go through the process of manually writing it down. All that you need to do is to use a recordable button which will record and play back all the sounds that were made in that particular moment.

A sound recording device can be very handy when it comes to promoting products and services as there are so many possible uses for it as well. When shopping for a sound recordable button, be sure to consider the following:

Sound quality

This is probably the most important consideration; the sound quality of the button must be clear and easy to hear.

Battery life

The next thing to consider is whether you want a battery-powered device or one that runs off of an audio jack. Battery-powered devices are usually more expensive because they need their own power supply and aren’t as portable as those that plug into an audio jack; however, they are usually more reliable than those that run off of an audio jack because they have fewer moving parts. The longer the battery lasts before it needs to be replaced or recharged, the better.

Water resistance

If you plan on using your button in wet environments such as pools and showers, look for one that has been designed for water exposure.

The Quality Of The Sound Recorder

Look at the quality of the sound recorder itself. Most recorders come with built-in microphones and speakers so that you can hear what’s being recorded; however, some models offer better quality than others so it’s important to check reviews before buying anything if possible.

Size and Shape

The first is what size you want. The larger the button, the more expensive it will be. You also have to think about space constraints and how much of a button can fit on your shirt or jacket. If you’re going to be wearing your recording device in public, it’s best to go with something that blends in rather than something that looks like a microphone or camera.

Check for compatibility

Make sure that the sound recordable button works with the tablet or phone you plan to use it with — especially if you plan to use multiple devices throughout the day. Some buttons will work with just about any device, but some are designed specifically for certain brands of tablets or phones.


Sound recordable buttons are fantastic tools for business calls, home intercom systems, and general reminders. How will you decide which sound recordable button to buy? Well, your decision should be based on your needs and what best fits them. Once you determine that, it’s simply a matter of picking out the right product. No worries—that part is much easier.

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