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How to Identify An Online Fake Phone Store

by Jesus

While buying devices from an online phone store isn’t a bad idea, you have to be careful where you buy from. In the same way, there are a lot of trusted online stores where you can purchase authentic products without fear; there are fake phone stores that you wouldn’t want to buy from. Asides from paying for a phone that will never land, you may be at risk of bank-related scams based on the type of payment method you used. 

Of course, getting a new device is always an exciting experience, and when you’re surfing online, you’ll see loads of options. But the truth is, the owners of these fake websites take their time to clone other websites and make them look real. Sometimes, the excitement of getting the phone may overwhelm you, and at the end of the day, you get scammed. 

The first way to discover a fake online phone store is to stay calm and make necessary checks. It’s not so easy, but if you follow these steps, you can’t get scammed by a fake phone store; 

Suspect unbelievable offers

The best way to scam people is to offer something that’s not possible. Because we love free things as humans, it’s normal for us to want to jump at such offers. Of course, on mobile devices and other electronics, there are loads of discounted offers and promos. However, these offers are usually within a reasonable range. But if you see an offer like 90% off on an Apple product, you shouldn’t even consider it – the offer can’t exist. 

Check the domain name properly

Sometimes, to discover a fake online store, the easiest way to go about it is through the domain name. Many counterfeit websites try to use a domain name similar to an authentic one, but with a different spelling. For instance, on a Huawei website, instead of spelling it as Huawei, they may spell Huawei. Usually, it’s best to take time to type the URL on your own. Likewise, some perpetrators prefer to use a famous brand with ridiculous offers like www.freehuaweilaptops.com. Another thing you need to look out for when checking the domain URL is the padlock icon. If you can’t see the padlock icon, then you should leave the website totally. But if you can, click on the padlock icon to ensure that you’re browsing on a safe website. 

Skim through the website

After confirming the website security through the padlock, you can still suspiciously skim through the website. While going through the website, what you’re looking for is a privacy policy and return policy. Most phone stores have a policy ensuring your privacy while using their website. Another thing to search for is customer feedback. Although fake companies may have customer feedback, fake customer feedback is easily identifiable. 

Check with a website checker

If you’re still unsure of the website you’re on, you can try to check it through a trusted checker like the Google transparency report to ensure it’s a secure website. 


Buying a phone can be an exciting experience, but visiting a fake store will cut that excitement short. Above, we have discussed how to avoid fake phone stores on the Internet. 

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