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Why Huawei Qc-Power Bank-10000-Usb-C Is the Best Accessory for Your Phone

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Are you one of those cool guys whose phones are fully engaged and wondering how to boost your battery to minimize periodical disengagement? Huawei qc powerbank 10000 usb c has got your back. It comes in handy as the perfect accessory to slip into your pocket and take care of unforeseen power shortages.
Huawei developers gave qc-power bank-10000-USB-c a shoot with the full knowledge that it will help sort out your needs in real-time. Qc-power bank works two ways; as a fast charger and a trickle charge. It tells you that the power bank is a versatile must-have companion.
Before we jump into the specifications and other little secrets behind the gadget, perhaps you would love to have some doubts clarified. People with little about how to maximize this item are always quick to shoot negative reviews. Some claim the gadget runs out of power quickly.
The reality is, Huawei qu-power bank-10000-USB-c is a relatively new addition in the market that sells superfast. The primary purpose is to cushion you from low to a dead battery. It would then course you to think that a gadget that barely scratches the bare minimum, hardly sells. But why do shelves run dry quickly? It is because the opposite is true.
Let’s take a quick look into what you should know fast hand, not what you here:

How does Huawei qc power bank-10000-USB-c charge?

Huawei qc power bank-10000-USB-c works two ways. You can adjust to charge super fast or to trickle charge. It has a power button where you can play around to achieve this purpose. When you double press on the rudder, it sends a signal to trickle charge, and a single press allows you to charge fast.
The ability to switch between two modes comes as a blessing; why? You cannot only charge your phone but can also charge other devices such as Bluetooth, wristbands, and earphones without the risk of exploding them.

What battery does Huawei qc-power bank 10 000-USB-c use?

Now, you can smell a cookie-cutter power bank from a distance. The battery runs out super fast, and it tends to overheat when charging. Huawei QC power 10000 USB-c is a different ball game altogether. It comes installed with a lithium polymer battery, with an extra layer of safety.
This kind of battery has been designed to self-regulate the temperature, thus putting the problems that present with overheating at ease. The technology behind it is so sophisticated that it can detect even the slightest change in voltage and responds on time to protect your device.
The safety doesn’t stop at that. It works to protect overvoltage, over current, static electricity, and many more. Huawei developers are proactive enough to educate you by enclosing a manual with details on how this gadget works to shield your phone other accessories from damage.

Huawei qc-power bank-USB-c Specifications


For you to node your head and say, Voila! You don’t need to practice your eyes to set Huawei qc-power bank-USB-c from the pack. It comes either as a black or a white piece with a battery capacity of 10000mAh.

In-put and Out-put

The out-put and in-put are placed on the sides with clear instructions regarding minimum and maximum voltage. The specifications clearly say, 5V2A is the lowest range that allows you to trickle charge while 9V2A is the maximum voltage, and you can pull your fast charge trigger here.


The size will amaze you; QC power bank 10000 USB c, weighs 220g, you wouldn’t feel like you have extra weight stretching your pockets. If You like, the weight spreads as 70mm width,150mm height, and 14.2 mm depth. All the features here combine to give a stylish super light gadget to carry with you anywhere you like.

Compatible USB

Huawei QC-power bank -10000- USB-c pairs well with USB-C, and USB-A. Although its prudent to always use USB-C to charge faster, it wouldn’t hurt if you try USB-A when you run out of power, and USB-C may not be within your reach
To wrap it up, if you are the kind of person who loves to catch up and never miss out on trends or your job demands, you always keep your phone’s battery checked, you will never go wrong with Huawei QC power bank 10000usb c.

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