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The Innovative Huawei Wireless Mouse Cd20: Is It the Newest Addition to Your Computer Set?

by Jesus

Are you tired of your mouse malfunctioning because of a faulty connection? Or you’re fed up with the mouse cable ruining your computer station’s aesthetics? Whatever the reason is, fear not, Huawei has got your back with the latest wireless bluetooth mouse cd20. If this information has aroused your curiosity, continue reading the article below to learn more!

What Is So Special About The Huawei Wireless Bluetooth Mouse Cd20?


This chic accessory is a perfect part of your desktop and your laptop as it has a sleek design and fits comfortably in your hand.

Likewise, this premium, good-quality device displays smooth and sharp movement making it sufficiently sensitive for precise motion on a glass top as well. It is also available in several colors like pink and olive green in addition to classic black. It has three distinct buttons on its surface and a scrolling wheel that is smooth in movement. Hence, you can easily scroll up and down without having to lift your hand off the mouse.

Multiple Ways To Connect

Users can connect this device to a desktop, laptop, or tablet via Bluetooth by simply moving it close to the item, giving super fast and precise sensitivity so you can easily switch connections from one device to another by pressing a single button. Just click on the pop-up window, and you are all set with your connection. Also, it is easy to determine what device you are currently connected to because of a light flickering on the mouse.


This mouse has a long-lasting battery so, you can conveniently use it for up to a few hours at least before it runs out of power. It has an alkaline battery of AA type. Also, the BT5.0 low energy capacity enables the battery to last up to 12 months. The mouse also comes with a one-year warranty!


The Huawei wireless Bluetooth mouse cd20 has a height of 110mm, a width ranging 62mm, and a depth of 33mm. The average mass of the accessory is around 59g, making it the perfect size and weight for easy usage. Although Huawei strives to ensure that all its items are perfect and uniform, these measurements can differ slightly between the products.


This mouse successfully receives signals via BLE 5.0.


It is compatible with several programs including, Windows 8 and above, Mac OOS10.10 and more, Android 4.4.4 and higher, etc.


This device is highly responsive and can detect 800 DPI with the help of a high-performance optical sensor.

Contents Of The Package

  • 1 x mouse
  • 1 x earphones
  • 1 x warranty card
  • 1 x guide

Final Thoughts

Do you feel the need to replace the mouse and its cable with a brand-new accessory that will prevent you from tripping over while adding sophistication and style to your workstation? So what are you waiting for? Go and grab this product for a unique and affordable user-friendly interface.


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